This page is dedicated to all the past and present individuals, companies, organizations, and volunteers that have helped us via monetary donations, in-kind services, or as a volunteer.

  • The students from Urasaki Chu Gakko (Urasaki Middle School) in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan
  • Deguchi Sensei, Mikki, her daughter Minari, and the other teachers, parents, and students from the various middle schools in Onomichi, Hiroshima who volunteered their time and video cameras for The Circle’s Edge, Inc. ™ International Scrap Book
  • The students from Roots Alternative Learning Center charter school in N.E., DC
  • The students from the Model Secondary School for the Deaf at Gallaudet University.
  • The volunteers from The Culture Café who assisted us on an advisory board and helped us do our presentations
  • Fred Beam and the wonderful dancers from the Wild Zappa’s and the National Deaf Dance Theater
  • The student volunteers from Howard University
  • Md. University Baltimore County Volunteer Sabella N. for volunteering her time as a phone bank volunteer.
  • Fatma  B. by volunteering to do data entry.
  • The art students at Woodlawn High in Baltimore, MD who donated their time and pieces of art for The Circle’s Edge  Seminar at MLK Library.
  • And the encouraging volunteers and participants for The Circle’s Edge, Inc. ™ Showcase of Abilities at MD University.  Below is from a flyer endorsing this program.
The SHOWCASE of ABILITIES at MD. Univ. College Park
Friday, April 30th from 6-10pm at MARYLAND UNIV. COLLEGE PARK

Our SHOWCASE OF ABILITIES featured a panel discussion, audience dialogue, refreshments, and a wonderful talent showcase with performers from Gallaudet University, the Baltimore Ravens Wheelchair Basketball league, and much more. This is part of our AWARENESS PROJECT ON TOLERANCE/ SELF IMAGE /& ABILITIES and it was absolutely free.

We wish to thank each and every person who showed up for our program and event as well as all of the panelists and guests.   I want to personally acknowledge every person who help contribute to this campaign and cause by participating one way or another.

In Kind Service:
  •   The Montgomery County branch of Comcast Cable television for their in-kind donation to produce the Comcast Local Edition for us.
  • Jeff R. for his demolition, concrete, & brickwork.
  • Tim H. for his computer, carpentry, and basic electrical/electronic work.
  • Richard S. for his willingness to use his bull dozer and land clearing machine.
  • A definite shout out goes to Marshall Love, manager of America’s Best in NW, DC and an extremely talented musician and dedicated volunteer.  He not only shows up to meetings and events, but also helps produce and arrange music for our various projects.
  • The Ivy Mount School in Bethesda, MD and Mr. Sterling Frenell’s vocational class who did outstanding jobs on our mailings and brochures.
  • Phyllis M. for her in-kind service to assist in grant writing, editing, and financial help.
  • Darcy K. & SEO Web Mechanics for the donation of our new website and for setting up our email and hosting account on GoDaddy on a donation basis.
Financial Donors
  • Wal-Mart and their very generous
  • Best Buy and their much needed donation. 
  • The Home Depot store #2551 in Silver Spring, MD and the wonderful helpful Human Resources manager Mr. Romer Ellsworth for their donations of gift cards.
  • Whole Foods in Silver Spring for their donations of several  gift cards. 
  • Gladys W. for her generous financial donations and sponsorship in our book campaign
  • Daisy B. for her donation to help get The Circle’s Edge off the ground to begin with.
  • Learning Institute for their monetary donation
  • And my wonderfully dedicated mother



If you, your company, or organization is interested in collaborating with us on our Awareness Project on Tolerance/ Self Image/& Abilities  via volunteering,  corporate sponsorship, Cause Related Marketing  or In-Kind gifts of time/services/or goods, please contact our office.  This joint opportunity shall offer your company PR and promotional moments on our campaign, wonderful tax benefits, and lucrative residual income over time!


Our office number is (518) 635-0008.  Our address is

P. O. Box 895  * Cohoes, NY * 12047 * USA
Make checks payable to: The Circle’s  Edge.

If you would like to support this remarkable, noteworthy, cause and help us on our Awareness Project on Tolerance/ Self Image/& Abilities  a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.  And, of course, we have receipts.  You can even donate on-line via the “Donate Now” link below.